Updated July 1, 2022

Due to COVID-19, the following procedures are in place for  all KBT classes.

  • Waiting rooms are for limited use only.  Masking is recommended and social distancing encouraged if needing to wait for any reason.


  • The Men & Women's dressing rooms for Pre-Professional Level 3 & 4 students (both contemporary & classical divisions) are open for limited use. Students are encouraged to take their personal items into the studio with them and are not permitted to "hang out" or socialize in the dressing rooms.

  • Students are encouraged to enter and exit through the door of the studio that their Classes are in that day.​

    • Studio A -- Main Entrance under the purple awning.​

    • Studio B -- Back Entrance at the patio near the yoga studio.

    • Studio C -- Suite 160 entrance

  • Class sizes will not exceed KBT's student/teacher ratio.

    • Creative Movement 1:6​ or 2:10

    • Pre-Ballet 1:8 or 2:12

    • Beginning Levels 1:10 or 2:16

    • Intermediate Levels (L1/C1-L2/C2) 1:12 or 2:16

    • Pre-Advance/Advanced Levels (L3/C3-L4/C4) 1:16

  • Upon arrival, each student will be encouraged to wash their hands with soap & water or use hand sanitizer before entering the studio.  If their they are not feeling well, or show any signs of illness, they will need to be taken home.  

  • Students are encouraged to wear masks during breaks or while waiting inside the studio.  

  • Barre and Center spots are measured out to ensure the social distancing guidelines. Social Distancing will continue to be encouraged. 

  • Each student will have a spot to keep their personal items in the studio with them.

  • Students must provide their own snacks & water bottles (the sink in the front lobby will be available to refill water bottles). 

  • Bathroom breaks will be available and are stocked with disinfectant wipes and spray for regular cleaning.

  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes/supplies are available in each studio and the front lobby.

  • If a student needs to borrow a mat, they will be required to clean and sanitize it before turning it back in at the end of class. 

  • If weather permits, some classes and breaks may be taken outside.

  • Barres and surfaces will be wiped down after each group.  Studios and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized daily and deep cleaned 1 times per week.

  • If anyone does not come to ballet or is sent home due to a fever or other COVID-related symptoms, they must have a negative COVID-19 test or a doctor's note clearing them from COVID-19 otherwise they can self-quarantine for 5-7 days, before returning to in-person classes at KBT.

  • If anyone is exposed to COVID-19 or tests positive please let Adell or Jennifer know by emailing admin@kyballet.com or calling 859-252-5245. This will allow us to take any precautionary measures to ensure all health and safety measures are met.  

Refer to the chart below if diagnosed or exposed COVID-19.

Copy of COVID-19 Protocol Chart Template.png