Policies & Paperwork


Use the resources library below for all of your KBT Academy paperwork, registration information and more.  

Please download, save or print these documents and discuss the necessary components with your student.

We expect our families to go over these resources before or shortly after enrolling.


Registration for returning students opens June 5th.

Registration for new students opens July 17th.  


Your registration will not be processed until your annual registration fee --$25 or $35 per family -- is received.  


It can be paid online (subject to processing fee) or via check or cash dropped off or mailed to the office.  

You can include your first tuition payment.

The first tuition payment is due by August 22, 2020.

Policies, Paperwork & Enrollment Forms​

We expect you to discuss the handbook and applicable documents with your student. 
The Handbook is a comprehensive bundle of all documents below. By clicking the following links, you will be redirected to a PDF, printable copy of each document.
Registration Form
Academy Level Descriptions
Elective Class Descriptions
Pointe Training
Tuition Schedule
Dress Code
Dance Training Guidelines
Policies & Procedures
Performance Policy
Ballet Competition Policy